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Scott Wooldridge is a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter. He's also a member of the Wooldridge Brothers, a Milwaukee-based band that recently released its seventh album, "Starts at Dusk." Feel free to wander around this site to find out more details, listen to music, and see photos. 

It's going to be a busy spring for the Scott Wooldridge Trio and the Wooldridge Brothers. Check the "shows" sections for upcoming gigs--and stay tuned for more, including a CD launch for "Starts at Dusk" in Minneapolis on... you heard it here first... June 15!


Previous events


Folk Festival

Wolfe Park Ampitheater, St. Louis Park

Dan Israel hosts this festival of local artists, including Dan, Katy Vernon, Mayda, Scott Wooldridge, Chris Lynch, the Lanes, the Mad Ripple, and John Fenner. More info to come!

Stone Arch Bridge Festival

Xcell Energy Water Power Park, Minneapolis

The Trio will play this annual festival; I've played it a few times in past years and it's always a lot of fun and very family-friendly. Come on out and join us on Father's Day!

Age limit: All ages

Scott Wooldridge Trio with Dan Israel and Doug Collins

Harriet Brewing, 3036 Minnehaha Ave. , Minneapolis 55406

The kickoff of the Harriet Brewing Singer-Songwriter series will also be the CD release show for the Scott Wooldridge solo album! Two great singer-songwriters, Dan Israel and Doug Collins, will open the night. Music starts at 5 pm, the SW Trio will start around 7 pm. More info to come!

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For "Starts at Dusk":

"Absolutely outstanding..."
Brian Miller, Empire of the Senseless.

"Beautiful examples of pop songcraft, with a little bluesiness (in the best way possible) thrown in – gritty guitars, harmonies, Fender Rhodes..." Nicholas Pipitone, Commonstate. 

“'Starts At Dusk' feels like a warm summer night from a time gone by; timeless songs played with heart that feel instantly memorable.” Ken Sumka, 88Nine, Milwaukee

“’Waiting it Out’ is Fleetwood Mac meets Pink Floyd. The entire album represents a whole new level of songwriting and production excellence for the Wooldridge Brothers.” Mike Endrizzi, FS Camels, That's What You Get (Minneapolis)

"'Starts At Dusk' is the Wooldridge Brothers, fully realized. This album takes chances, and rolls snake eyes every time. I could not listen just once, and it's refreshing to say that it took me on a journey … excellent." Liv Mueller, songstress, Chanteuse (Milwaukee)


For "Scott Wooldridge."

"Clear, compelling, heartfelt roots songs with an alt-country bent."
Andrea Swensson, Local Current Blog

"A folky set with philosophical anthems, sweet love songs, and spirited steel guitar work."
Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune.

"Song after song is a polished pop gem."
Paddy Fineran, Kenosha News.

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