Scott Wooldridge Quick Bio
:Scott Wooldridge is a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter whose Americana roots combine with a love for punchy rock and roll to create a unique sound that is introspective and irreverent at the same time. Joined by Sloan Hamilton on mandolin and Josh Braun on pedal steel, the Scott Wooldridge Trio has a versatile sound that deftly handles Scott's writing as well as covers from the Rolling Stones, Dylan, the Beatles, Steve Earl, and others. Scott also continues to work with the Milwaukee-based Wooldridge Brothers, which is garnering rave reviews for the recent "Starts at Dusk" CD. 

Wooldridge Brothers/ Starts at Dusk Info:

Starts at Dusk is the new album from the Wooldridge Brothers. Suggested radio tracks: “Waiting it Out” (track 1), “Drive Through Summer” (track 3), “Some of the Damage” (track 9). 

The early word: 

Starts At Dusk feels like a warm summer night from a time gone by; timeless songs played with heart that feel instantly memorable.” 

--Ken Sumka, 88Nine (DJ & Asst PD WYMS) 

“A bright pop record in the tradition of the Big Star’s Third and REM’s late-’80s LPs, filtered through the sensibilities of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen’s heartland rock.” 

Even Rytlewski – Shepherd Express Music Critic 

337 Miles to Practice 

The Wooldridge Brothers are a two-city band. Brian (guitar) and Julie Wooldridge (vocals), along with Jack Rice (bass) and Nathan Kilen (drums), live in Milwaukee, Wis., where the band began in the 90s. 

Scott Wooldridge lives in Minneapolis, Minn., where he moved in 1998. Scott and the Milwaukee contingent still play and record together, but he’s also active in Minneapolis as a solo artist and with the Scott Wooldridge Trio, a rootsy lineup that includes mandolin and pedal steel guitar. 


1. The WBs’ previous album, Days Went Around, was mixed by Chris Stamey (dB’s, Big Star’s Third

2. Scott and Brian played as part of the Big Star’s Third concert at First Ave. in Minneapolis, Sept. 2015. 

3. Band toured with The Baseball Project, summer of 2016 (featuring members of REM, Dream Syndicate, Zu Zu’s Petals). 

5. New album produced by Scott Gorsuch (EIEIO), Brian Wooldridge, and John Munson (Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, Twilight Hours). 

6. Guest guitarist Audley Freed (Black Crows, Sheryl Crow) on “Heavy” (track 4). 

7. Star of Desire LP (1996) garnered airplay and movie/TV placement, Uncovering the Sun LP (1998) likewise received national attention and was produced by Walter Salas-Humara